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Biology 1: 7(A-B)
Instructor: Wright, Elizabeth   
Practice Tests
EOC Prep- Videos to watch!

Sign up and join the class to watch videos for EOC Prep!
EOC Prep- Videos to watch!

Sign up and join the class to watch videos for EOC Prep!
EOC Prep
EOC's will be on May 20th and May 23rd (for a few). Remember that this counts as 20% of your year grade!
EOC Prep
The EOC will be May 18th and 19th! Please see Mrs. Wright for extra help after school!
Please remember that Mrs. Wright is available for tutoring before and after school daily unless there is a faculty meeting (usually Wednesday's)

Morning tutoring- 7:45 until 8:20- Student must have an agenda signed by Mrs. Wright
Afternoon tutoring- 3:30 until 4:30- Please let Mrs. Wright know that you are coming.

You may schedule tutoring by writing your name on the board, letting me know verbally, or by sending me an e-mail at!
Students learned about Cellular Respiration.
Pg 46- New notes (cellular respiration through fermentation)
Pg 47 Notes from board (will copy on 12.2.15)
Pg 48 Cellular Respiration At-A-Glance
Students worked on pages 43, 44 and 45 of their notebooks and began working on Cellular Respiration.
Students will review Photosynthesis and ATP/ADP and work on a study guide for the section.
Students drew and received notes on the ATP/ADP cycle
Students drew and took notes on the Dark Reactions of Photosynthesis and then were asked related questions.
Students Worked on Photosynthesis Diagram in class- Drew the structure of a cholorplast and took notes on the light reaction of photosynthesis.
Today in class students took a test on Cell Transport. Tomorrow we will begin our Photosynthesis unit!
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